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Top 10 Romantic Movies 2016 Another year is gone but not for nothing. It left behind lots of romance. Many beautiful love stories were told in the movies during the year of 2016. Though the good movies are not that easy to find.

This thread aims to put the top romantic movies of 2016 in one place. If you are looking for some quality time with a nice romantic movie you should give it a try with the the following movie list.

There are many more movies released in this year and unfortunately not all of them can fit in a top 10 list. The movies in this list are picked up based on the movies awards, ratings and my personal experience.

1. Collateral Beauty

Another great movie starring Will Smith. He plays the role of a father who has lost his child. Will he be able to get over it and love again? Watch this enchanting movie and find out for yourself what Collateral Beauty stands for.

2. Passengers

Get ready for a journey to another planet. Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt are on board of a huge five star spacecraft. Passengers is a movie of romance, loneliness, selfishness, anger and sacrifice that will move your heart.

3. Allied

Brat Pitt and Marion Cotillard are playing the main roles in this movie of spies during the second world war. A Canadian officer encounters a woman from the French Resistance on a deadly mission in North Africa. Thus their love begins and it will face many challenges in the world of war.

4. La La Land

La La Land is an amazing movie in so many terms. It hooks you from the beginning with its big opening and has your heart fluttering to the end. A great romantic musical starring Emma Stone and Bryan Gosling where a jazz pianist falls for an aspiring actress in Los Angeles.

5. How to Be Single

A group of young adults navigate their love and relationships in the big city. This is a lovely and funny romantic comedy with lots of charming moments where Dakota Johnson is making one of the best performances of her career.

6. The Choice

Travis and Gabby are neighbors in a small town at the coast. Their relationship winds up in a love story that is going to be tested by defying events. This is another great novel of Nicholas Sparks adapted for a movie starring Teresa Palmer and Benjamin Walker.

7. Me Before You

Emilia Clark plays the role of Alicia, a lovely girl in a small town. She takes on a new adventure starting a new job where she takes care of a recently-paralyzed man. Their relationship turns into an unlikely bond.

8. Café Society

This movie takes place in the 1930s where a guy from Bronx moves to Hollywood. Unexpectedly he falls in love with an inspiring young woman. There is one small problem because she is already seeing another man.

9. Fallen

Addison Timlin enters the skin of Lucinda blamed for the death of a young boy. After therapy Lucinda is sent in a reform school. There she finds herself drawn to a fellow student. He is unaware that he is an angel who has loved her for thousands of years.

10. Love and Friendship

Kate Backinsale plays the role of Lady Susan Vernon who takes up temporary residence at her in-laws' estate. There she is determined to find a match for her daugher Frederica whose role is performed by the charming Chloë Sevigny. Besides romance this movie is full of funny moments.

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