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The Best Screen Recorder App for Android I've been looking for a while for a good Screen Recorder app that I can use on my Android phone. I have finally found the best screen recorder app, that does exactly what one would need it to. I spent a lot of time on that so I decided to share my experience here. First why I need such an app? Most devices with Android have already an embedded Screen Recorder App. However the built in Screen Recorder in my phone Huawei P30 has limited resolution and I need a bigger one. There are a lot of Screen Recorder apps in the Google Play Store, but they all have quite a lot of limitations i.e. limited resolution, add watermarks on top of the video and most of all cannot record internal audio. We will solve this problem here.

So lets resume what are we looking for in the Screen Recording App:
- unlimited recording time duration
- record internal audio
- record microphone audio
- camera video overlay
- HD or better resolution

After some time searching I have found an App, which satisfies all these requiremets. The application is called ADV Screen Recorder.
You can get the App here in the play store:

Here you can set the audio source to internal. You can optionally use the microphone audio and overlay video from camera. There is a magic button which can be used to start and stop the video recording and you can hide it entirely so it is not visible in the recorded video. The best option here is that actually you can set the video to match your screen resolution, which I have not seen in any other app where you can select a predefined resolution i.e. 1920x1080 and then the screen recorder is adding some black padding to your video to match this format.

Here you can record 1080p or 720p video with no problems and upload it in youtube in no time. If you are interested in uploading a video in youtube which has a non standard resulution, I can give you one more tip - edit it before uploading it in youtube, if you use the youtube editor it may reformat the resolution and add black paddings.

Here you can see a video of the game "WWE Undefeated" which is recorded using ADV Screen Recorder on a Huawei P30 mobile phone:

I hope this helps, please comment if you have some more hints and tips or other related apps you would like to share.


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