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who wants to be a millinaire test
Top 100 Who Wants to Be a Millionaire Questions Who Wants to Be a Millionaire is one of the most popular TV shows world wide. It has different versions in many countries, but the main rules are usually the same. The contestants can get a big cash prize if they give the right answer to a series of questions. There are usually 15 questions who lead to a check of 1 000 000. The contestants can also use three jokers - 1/2 eliminates 2 of the wrong answers, call a friend and help from the public.

You can check your knowledge with our compilation of Top 100 Who Wants to Be a Millionaire questions. If you want to play in a real simulation of the TV show, you can also try playing the online game Win 1 Million which has an amazing collection of 1470 questions.

Try to answer our Top 100 Who Wants to Be a Millionaire questions and check your results in the end. All the questions are with top difficulty for the top rewards in the TV show and require lots of knowledge and logical thinking. Select an answer of each question, it will turn green in case it is correct or red if it was wrong. The correct answer will be highlighted in green in any case.

1. Fidel Ramos was a president of which country during the 1990s?

a. Argentina

b. The Philippines

c. Cuba

d. Mexico

2. What is the fastest-flying bird in the world?

a. Albatross

b. Frigatebird

c. Falcon

d. Eagle

3. Who was named 'the greatest athlete of the 20th century' by ESPN?

a. Babe Ruth

b. Muhammad Ali

c. Wayne Gretzky

d. Michael Jordan

4. What was the name of the first internet search engine?

a. Dogpile

b. AltaVista

c. Archie

d. Yahoo

5. How many moons does Jupiter have?

a. 43

b. 14

c. 28

d. 67

6. What martial arts 'combat system' was founded by Bruce Lee?

a. Hoshin Roshi Ryu

b. Taekido

c. Jeet Kun Do

d. Kombato

7. What type of creature is a Dog Face? 

a. Butterfly

b. Beatle

c. Dragonfly

d. Mosquito

8. Which constellation contains the stars Castor and Pollux?

a. Gemini

b. Aries

c. Taurus

d. Pisces

9. Which country does not border Somalia?

a. Kenya

b. Ethiopa

c. Djibouti

d. Tanzania

10. Which planet has the fastest rotation?

a. Mercury

b. Jupiter

c. Venus

d. Saturn

11. Which city in Uganda is not located on or near Lake Victoria?

a. Entebbe

b. Kampala

c. Jinja

d. Gulu

12. Which monoclonal antibody is marketed under the name Xolair?

a. Omalizumab

b. Adalimumab

c. Basiliximab

d. Rituximab

13. In skiing, what does NASTAR stand for?

a. Natural Slope Rating

b. Noted Skiing Resort

c. National Standard Race

d. Northeastern Slalom Report

14. Who invented velcro?

a. Sally Fox

b. Sybilla Masters

c. Charles Macintosh

d. George de Mestral

15. What is Jupiter's largest moon called?

a. Ganymede

b. Callisto

c. Europa

d. Io

16. What is the technical name for the anole lizard family?

a. Scincidae

b. Cordylidae

c. Polychrotidae

d. Liolaemidae

17. Which is not a variety of venomous snakes?

a. Bushmaster

b. Krait

c. King Snake

d. Brown Snake

18. Which family of turtles includes the common painted turtle?

a. Chelidae

b. Trionychidae

c. Emydidae

d. Testudinidae

19. Which term refers to salted herring?

a. Surströmming

b. Soused

c. Kipper

d. Rollmops

20. Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia is the fear of what?

a. Infinity

b. Long words

c. Obesity

d. Monsters

21. Ikot Ekpene is a city in which Nigerian state?

a. Gombe

b. Akwa Ibom

c. Edo

d. Bayelsa

22. Which is the fastest moving land snake in the world?

a. Cottonmouth Viper

b. Sidewinder

c. Black Mamba

d. Southern Black Racer

23. The Battle of Cheron was a fictional conflict in what series?

a. Star Trek

b. The Lord of the Rings

c. Babylon 5

d. Transformers

24. What is the name of Xena's mother in the series 'Xena: Warrior Princess'?

a. Gabrielle

b. Serena

c. Cyrene

d. M'Lila

25. The main theme song in the series 'Xena: Warrior Princess' is:

a. Hungarian

b. Jordanian

c. Bulgarian

d. Georgian

26. Where is the volcano Hekla located?

a. Italy

b. Peru

c. Guatemala

d. Iceland

27. Cynophobia is fear of what?

a. Bats

b. Dogs

c. Cats

d. Spiders

28. How long could avocados stay ripe on the trees before they die or need to be harvested?

a. 1

b. 3

c. 5

d. 8

29. What is the maximum number of points someone can achieve on Pac-Man?

a. 6,600

b. 3,333,360

c. 1,000,000

d. 1,324,110

30. What number did basketball player Tim Duncan wear on his jersey?

a. 23

b. 33

c. 32

d. 21

31. Pâté is the French word for what?

a. Paste

b. Blend

c. Liver

d. Couch

32. U Nu was a political leader in what country?

a. China

b. Laos

c. Pakistan

d. Myanmar

33. Who did artist Grant Wood use as the model for the farmer in his classic painting American Gothic?

a. Local sheriff

b. Traveling salesman

c. His butcher

d. His dentist

34. Attila the Hun is also known as Etzel in what German mythological epic?

a. Gotterdammerung

b. Rheingold

c. Volsungasaga

d. Nibelungenlied

35. Which of these is not a Texas Native American tribe?

a. Navajo

b. Osage

c. Comanche

d. Kiowa

36. What is the most abundant element in the universe?

a. Carbon

b. Hydrogen

c. Nitrogen

d. Silicon

37. Which explorer coined the phrase 'New World'?

a. Cortes

b. Vespucci

c. Pizarro

d. Magellan

38. Which of these cetaceans is classified as a 'toothed whale'?

a. Minke whale

b. Humpback whale

c. Sperm whale

d. Gray whale

39. Which is the largest toothed whale?

a. Humpback whale

b. Killer whale

c. Sperm whale

d. Blue whale

40. What is the name of the ship that rescued Titanic passengers hours after the ship went down?

a. The Iberia

b. The Apeninia

c. The Balkania

d. The Carpathia

41. Which space probe became the first satellite to return data about Venus?

a. Mariner 3

b. Mariner 4

c. Mariner 5

d. Mariner 2

42. What was the name given to the object, which was once believed to be a moon of Venus?

a. Himalia

b. Neith

c. Carpo

d. Leda

43. Which holiday marks the beginning of the new Spring year and the end of the harvest in India?

a. Maha Shivratri

b. Rama Navami

c. Vaisakhi

d. Ekadasi

44. How long is New Zealand’s Ninety Mile Beach?

a. 55 miles

b. 90 miles

c. 19 miles

d. 15 miles

45. In which organ do the juxtaglomerular cells secrete the enzyme renin?

a. Liver

b. Pancreas

c. Stomach

d. Kidney

46. In which month of the year is the Earth the closest to the nearest star?

a. September

b. March

c. December

d. July

47. If you were attending Miami University, which U.S. state would you be in?

a. Florida

b. California

c. Georgia

d. Ohio

48. Professor Maathai Wangari won the Nobel Prize for which of these?

a. Economics

b. Medicine

c. Peace

d. Literature

49. What was the first recorded hurricane to reach Category 5 status?

a. Okeechobee

b. Labor Day

c. Dog

d. Cleo

50. Obstetrics is a branch of medicine particularly concerned with what?

a. Heart conditions

b. Old age

c. Childbirth

d. Broken bones

51. An obstetrician specializes in which area?

a. Fractures

b. Transplants

c. Childbirth

d. Plastic Surgery

52. Which country borders Kenya to the East?

a. Ethiopa

b. Sudan

c. Uganda

d. Somalia

53. A martial artist who is a 9th degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do is considered what?

a. Boo-Sabum

b. Saseong

c. Sahyun

d. Sabum

54. Which term refers to the sacred Hindu fire god?

a. Agni

b. Brahma

c. Dhara

d. Acyutah

55. Which of the following gods is not associated with fire?

a. Freyr

b. Belenus

c. Svarog

d. Hephaestus

56. Who was the guardian of the south in Hinduism?

a. Yama

b. Indra

c. Varuna

d. Kubera

57. A lithophone is a musical instrument made out of what?

a. Stone

b. Wood

c. Plastic

d. Stainless Steel

58. Which cloud type does not produce precipitation?

a. Stratus

b. Cirrostratus

c. Cirrocumulus

d. Altostratus

59. What instrument is also the name of a type of cumulus cloud?

a. Cello

b. Sitar

c. Tuba

d. Cimbasso

60. What color was the symbol for the Emperor of China?

a. Brown

b. Yellow

c. Red

d. Orange

61. Vermilion and carmine are shades of what color?

a. Green

b. Yellow

c. Red

d. Purple

62. In web design, what is the hex triplet of purple?

a. #000080

b. #225500

c. #660099

d. #808080

63. Which is the highest mountain on the Balkan Peninsula?

a. Vitosha

b. Shar

c. Rila

d. Olympus

64. How many blocks is Jenga played with?

a. 72

b. 60

c. 54

d. 48

65. Which artist painted 'Guernica'?

a. Vermeer

b. Picasso

c. Rembrandt

d. Monet

66. Which artist painted 'The Ambassadors'?

a. Michelangelo

b. Hans Holbein

c. Rembrandt

d. Henri Matisse

67. Which music term refers to a composed imaginary note?

a. Ostinato

b. Arpeggi

c. Pensato

d. Solfege

68. How many pounds of force is one kip equal to?

a. 10,000

b. 1,000

c. 100

d. 10

69. Approximately how many volts is one statvolt equal to?

a. 800

b. 300

c. 500

d. 100

70. How many dynes does one newton of force equal?

a. 100,000

b. 10,000

c. 1,000

d. 100

71. Which year is Greece established?

a. 1864

b. 1964

c. 1821

d. 1921

72. Before independence, what was Bangladesh called?

a. South China

b. East India

c. East Pakistan

d. North India

73. In which country was the largest known T-Rex skeleton found?

a. USA

b. Panama

c. Mexico

d. Canada

74. Which Asian fruit has the nickname 'King of Fruits' and is known for its distinctive smell?

a. Lychee

b. Durian

c. Jackfruit

d. Rambutan

75. What is the most frequently ordered item of food in the USA?

a. Sushi

b. Taco

c. Fried chicken

d. Hamburgers

76. Where was the Hawaiian pizza invented? 

a. Mexico

b. Canada

c. Hawaii

d. Italy

77. Which artist painted Metamorphosis of Narcissus, Lobster Telephone, and Persistence of Memory?

a. Pablo Picasso

b. Juan Miró

c. Monet

d. Salvador Dalí

78. Which age was King Tut when he became the ruler of Egypt?

a. 9

b. 24

c. 18

d. 32

79. For up to how long do cicadas live underground before emerging above ground for just a few weeks?

a. 36 months

b. 2 years

c. 72 days

d. 17 years

80. Which artist painted 'The Tree of Crows' which can be found in The Louvre in Paris?

a. Albrecht Durer

b. Caspar David Friedrich

c. Hans Holbein

d. Guido Reni

81. Who is the author of 'The Jungle Book'?

a. Dodie Smith

b. Rudyard Kipling

c. T.H. White

d. Margery Sharp

82. Who founded the Jesuits, also known as the Society of Jesus?

a. Ignatius de Loyola

b. Thomas Aquinas

c. John Calvin

d. Martin Luther

83. Where was the chicken first domesticated, of these choices?

a. India

b. Peru

c. Zaire

d. France

84. What is the second longest river in South America?

a. Amazon River

b. Parana River

c. Rio Orinoco

d. Xingu River

85. Cochise was a chief of which Native American tribe?

a. Apache

b. Comanche

c. Blackfoot

d. Sioux

86. For which style of painting is Salvador Dali best known?

a. Pointilism

b. Surrealism

c. Abstract

d. Impressionism

87. Which is a name written backward and used as a pseudonym?

a. Backronym

b. Eponym

c. Ananym

d. Apronym

88. Which is the correct spelling for the constituent republic of Uzbekistan?

a. Karakalpakastan

b. Karakalpakstan

c. Karakalpakistan

d. Karikalpakistan

89. Which term refers to the study of saints?

a. Hagiography

b. Tasseography

c. Steganography

d. Uranography

90. What is orography the study of?

a. Mountains

b. Maps

c. Space Objects

d. Minerals

91. What is the medical study of the causation of disease called?

a. Agrology

b. Apiology

c. Aetiology

d. Acarology

92. What is cynology the study of?

a. Bees

b. Ants

c. Plankton

d. Dogs

93. What the study of clouds called?

a. Limnology

b. Dendrology

c. Cereology

d. Nephology

94. Which study is concerned with the diseases of the nose?

a. Rhinology

b. Nosology

c. Desmology

d. Trichology

95. What is xylology the study of?

a. Hair

b. Extraterrestrial Life

c. Music

d. Wood

96. What is the scientific study of beetles called?

a. Myrmecology

b. Coleopterology

c. Chelonology

d. Arachnology

97. What is the term for an inability to resist impulses of stealing?

a. Dipsomania

b. Megalomania

c. Ergomania

d. Kleptomania

98. What part of the body does stomatology study?

a. Feet

b. Mouth

c. Stomach

d. Brain

99. What term refers to a system of management controlled by the least qualified members of a society?

a. Timocracy

b. Kakistocracy

c. Oligarchy

d. Ecclesiocracy

100. What sport does pugilism refer to?

a. Curling

b. Boxing

c. Golf

d. Water Polo

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